Haretron Dubbing

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Haretron Dubbing

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Haretron Dubbing

$2.00 ea

Traveller's Dispenser, $17.00

Colors: Cinnamon Caddis, Lt Olive Brown, Burnt Orange, Light Cahill, Golden Brown, Light Grey, Golden Stone, Caddis Green, Seal Brown, Olive Brown, Pale Yellow, Olive, Ginger, Grey, Dark Dun, Black, Yellow, Pink Shrimp, Dark Brown, Olive Dun, Dark Olive, Pale Olive, Olive Tan, March Brown

12 Color Traveller's Dispenser: Gray, Lt. Olive Brown, Black, Yellow, Golden Stone, Olive, Caddis Green, Dark Brown, Burnt Orange, Seal Brown, Cinnamon Caddis, Pink Shrimp.

Combination of Rabbit fur and Antron. This gives the ease of dubbing rabbit and adds a translucent sheen to the fly. Great for nymphal bodies. See Color Chart.