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Magic Quills

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Magic Quills

$3.75 per pkg


Three Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Magic Quills are a great material for tying quill bodies and abdomens that look real. It is a great alternative to natural materials that are easy to use and makes tying segmented bodies quickly. The printing on the strips is realistic and mimics the natural ribs on an insect body. The strips are also transparent, so the color of the underbody shows through. This makes the color of the pattern more gradient and gives the fly an extra dimension. Magic Quills are tapered. Tapered from 0 mm to 3 mm. You can use exactly that part that suits you best in terms of size and effect. This makes them suitable for flies from sizes 8 to 22. The strips are self-adhesive, simply peel off and wrap around the fly body. You can top it off with a thin coat of UV varnish to give it that extra touch and create a translucent, shiny, 3D appearance. Comes in three sizes, Small having the thinnest ‘ribbing’ line, perfect for small, fine flies #16-22, Medium – great for most applications #12-16, and Large having the thickest ‘rib’ for larger flies #8-12 . Each strip is about 10 cm (about 4”) long.