Marabou Blood Quills

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Marabou Blood Quills

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$4.00 each

18 Colors: Black, Brown, Dark Olive, Olive Brown, Olive, Yellow, Purple, Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Gray, Golden Olive, Wine, Rusty Brown, Ginger, Red, Burnt Orange, White.

The feathers are about 4" long including the quill which is 3/8" to ½", and there are about 20 to 30 feathers strung in each package. These are immature Turkey Marabou feathers in which the quill stem has not fully developed. The thinner quill allows you to palmer the marabou as a body. Primarily used for Woolly Buggers and streamer tails but can also be used for damsels, nymph bodies, and other subsurface patterns. Strung Blood Quills in 1/8 oz packages. See Color Chart