Metz Magnum Saddles

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Metz Magnum Saddles, Grade #2

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Metz Magnum Saddles

$65.00 each.


Colors: Black, Pink, Purple, Tan, Cream, Olive, Yellow, Chartreuse, Orange, Grizzly, Grizzly Pink, Grizzly Purple, Grizzly Tan, Grizzly Blue, Grizzly Olive, Grizzly Yellow, Grizzly Chartreuse, Grizzly Orange

Metz Magnum Saddle Hackles are a wider saddle hackle good for large streamers and wet flies. Saddles come from the back of the rooster. They have been bred for a high barb density, thin stems, and long useable lengths. The webby fibers taper along the length of the hackle with the last 1/3 of the hackle web-free providing a soft, flexible feather but not too much soft fluff. The length of each hackle varies from 2 inches to mostly 10 inches in length. The Natural Cream hackle has been dyed to eight colorations as well as the Grizzly Hackle.The Grizzly Magnum is often in limited supply. Great for featherwing streamers and palmering Woolly Buggers in sizes #6-10. See Color Chart