Metz Saddles

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Metz Saddles, Grade #2

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$65.00 each


Colors: Medium Dun, Light Dun, Ginger, Grizzly, Furnace, Dun, Cream, Brown, Black, Silver Badger, Golden Badger

Metz produces a fine line of natural colored saddles. The hackles are full bodied, soft, with a supple stem. They are about 12 inches in length. The #2 grades are almost identicle to #1's except for a little more webbiness and a few less hackles to the patch. Most of the hackles will be size 10-14 with a few 16's. The best woolly bugger hackles are in the center of the patch, triangular hackles with a wide base and stiff tips. In the center of these hackles will be a "schlappen" area which is excellent for beards and collars on streamers. You will find narrower, dry fly hackles on the outside edge of the saddle patch as well as "Spade" hackles for tailing purposes. Good for streamer wings, hackle collars for wets, and woolly bugger hackles. See Color Chart