Moose Mane

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Moose Mane

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Moose mane

$1.50 each

Moose mane hair, especially from an adult bull, is the longest hair on the moose. This material is located on the back of the neck of the animal, not from the belly as many fly tiers believe. Mane hair can range from three inches to nine inches in length. This hair is not suitable for spinning. The color of moose mane hair is a wonderful salt-and-pepper mix of white, gray, brown, and jet black. It is especially good for wrapping quill bodies on dry flies and nymphs. Untreated hair that has not been washed and tanned is the best for tying quill bodies. The washing and tanning process removes the natural waxy fats from the hair, which reduces its suppleness and makes it more difficult to wrap. Long (4.5 inches), Black and White hair for tails, antennae, and mosquito bodies. 1 inch square patch of hide.