Arizona Simi-Seal

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Arizona Simi-Seal

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Simi Seal DispenserSimi Seal Dispenser

$1.75 pkg

Dispenser: $18.00


Colors: Amber Olive, Black, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Brown, Blood Leech, Burgundy, Crystal, Crowley Perch, Dark Brown, Dark Olive, Golden Olive, Gray Olive, Olive, Reddish Brown

Dispenser 1: Canadian Black, Canadian Brown, Canadian Olive, Canadian Orange, Golden Olive, Blood Leech, Black, Black/Red, Olive, Silver Minnow, Bronzeback, Dk Olive

Dispenser 2: Peacock, Bronze Peacock, Golden Peacock, Black Peacock, Amber/Olive, Deep Leech, Black/Purple, Reddish Brown, Crawdad, Golden Shiner, Starlight, Brown

Available as individual packages and 12 color dispensers. A coarse blend of natural and synthetic, medium-length fibers. Synthetics are added for flash and body. Most commonly used for Simi Seal Leeches, but can be used for a variety of large nymphs, streamer patterns, and dries such as Stimulators. Each package contains approximately 2 grams of material, generally enough to make forty (40) size 10 leeches. See Color Chart.