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SLF Dave Whitlock Dubbing

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SLF Dispenser


SLF Dispenser

Colors of Dispenser 1: Red Fox Squirrel nymph thorax, Red Fox Squirrel nymph abdomen, Sow Bug gray, Sow Bug tan, Scud shrimp gray, Scud shrimp olive, Scud shrimp tan, Scud shrimp orange pink, Dragon Fly Olive, Dragon dark nymph, Damsel nymph olive, Damsel nymph tan. See Color Chart.

Colors of Dispenser 2: Golden Stone nymph, Brown Stone nymph, Dark Stone nymph, Hellgrammite, Sculpin olive, Sculpin olive brown, Crayfish brown, Crayfish sandy gray, Crayfish orange, Minnow belly, Stone nymph gills, Minnow gills. See Color Chart.

This is a synthetic seal substitute dubbing developed by Dave Whitlock known as Synthetic Living Fiber (SLF).

$17.00 dispenser