Caster's Squirmito

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Caster's Squirmito

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$4.00 per pkg

Colors: Black, Blood Worm, Bright Red, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Orange, Glow in the Dark, Light Olive, Pink, Violet, Worm Tan

This material originally came from children's toys and is now marketed with fish attracting colors. David Hise of Caster's Fly Shop in Hickory, North Carolina is generally credited for coming up with using this material around 2006. The strands have been reengineered for better durability than those off the chldren's toys. Long, skinny, squishy strands of silicone, with colors ranging from lifelike to attractor. Perfect for worm patterns such as the Squirmy Wormy, a variation of the San Juan Worm. This material provides additional lifelike movement. Has great stretch but is susceptible to melting from many glues or cements. You can palmer the material around the hook shank or use a flat 6/0 thread to secure. Thin thread will cut the material. This material is also susceptible to melting under high heat. 20 pieces per package.