Tiemco 3769

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Tiemco 3769 Hook

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$7.25 per 25 ct Size 6-18


Sproat bend, Down eye, 2X Heavy, Forged, Bronze

Wet Fly & Nymph. An Industry Standard design. Formed with a sproat bend and a down eye. It is made from 2X heavy wire and chemically sharpened, forged and bronzed. Most tiers use this hook when they want to have a heavier, stouter hook. By going one size larger in the 3769 it gives you the same shank length as a 1x long hook, but with a larger gap to increase your odds of landing big fish without having the hook give. Excellent choice for Fox's Poopah, Mercer's Psycho Prince, and Zack's Zaddis.