Golden Pheasant Tippet

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Golden Pheasant Tippet Sections

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Clear Wing

$5.50 each


Colors: Natural, Red, Green, Hot Orange, Purple

The Tippet Section comes from below the Golden Pheasant's crest and feature very well defined matte black bands on a very symmetrical structure. Due to their high contrast and structure they are commonly used for tails on both wet flies and dries (e.g. Royal Coachman). Natural Orange feathers with black tips. However, dyes are readily taken by the tippets and vivid colors are available in Red, Green, Hot Orange, and Purple. Tippets are widely used for dry fly tailing material and tippet section provide a range of sizes. These feathers are a very important tying material for a wide range of differemt fly patterns. When tying classic salmon patterns the stiff fibers from the tippet section are mostly used for wings. A common use is as eyes on shrimp flies too.You will also need these for the tails on the Lime Trude and Western Coachman.