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Premo Turkey Flats

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Turkey Flats

$3.75 each


Colors: Cream, Dark Dun, Flo.Orange, Flo.Chartreuse, Light Dun, Medium Dun, Tan, White

Turkey Flats come from the breasts of white turkeys. The whites are dyed to a number of colors. These feathers make excellent posts for parachute styled flies. You can also use white flats as replacements for white calf tail wings on flies like the Royal Wulff. Turkey flats are most commonly used as a winging material.  They tie in flatter than calf when making parachutes, and are an easy alternative to messing around with hackle tip wings.   Turkey flats are a good choice for thorax style dry flies, and spent spinners as well.  Available in bright or natural colors depending on whether you need realism or visibility.3-4.5 inches in length.