Turkey Biot Quills

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Turkey Biot Quills

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22 colors available: Black, Blue Wing Olive, Brown, Caddis Green, Callibaetis, Dark Tan, Gray, Gray Olive, Hendrickson, Light Cahill, Light Olive, Mahogany, Olive, Pale Morning Dun, Pale Olive, Red, Rusty Spinner, Sulphur Orange, Trico, White, Yellow, Yellow Tan.

These are the primary feathers used for flight. The leading edge of the feather has short stout fibers known as Biots. The other side has longer and thinner fibers, these are the "lift" section of the feather. Both sides are useable for quill bodies on dries and nymphs although the biots are much more durable, wider, and will have a distinctive ridge for segmentation. Turkey Biots are longer than goose biots and have a distinctive darker colored edge that accents the segmentation effect when wrapped as fly body material. They make great tails and antennae for stoneflies. One Pair per package. See Color Chart.