Uni Soft Wire

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Uni Soft Wire

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Ultra Wire

$3.25 each


Eleven Colors available: Copper, Brown, Red, Green, Olive, Royal Blue, Black, Neon Yellow, Orange, Gold, and Neon Silver
Three sizes: Large, Medium, Small

Soft, colored copper wire that will not tarnish. Used for ribbing, bodies, and dubbing brushes. The Uni Soft Wire is a very versatile material used on a variety of fly patterns, from nymphs to dry flies. This wire can be used to reinforce peacock herl, pheasant tail, and other materials used for bodies, as ribbing over materials on wet flies, and for the wound copper body on the Brassie nymph. The traditional dressing for the Elk Hair Caddis dry calls for a counter wound rib of wire to reinforce the palmered hackle. Great on Copper Johns. Comes in three sizes: Small (.008"), Medium (.011"), and Large (.016") . As a comparison to Ultra Wire, Large Uni Soft is similar to Medium Ultra Wire, Medium Uni Soft is similar to Brassie Ultra Wire, and Small Uni Soft is similar to Small Ultra Wire.