Vinyl Rib

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Vinyl Rib

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vinyl rib

$2.50 per pkg


Colors: Black, Fl. Chartreuse, Amber, Brown, Clear, Green, Olive, Purple, Red, Orange
Four Sizes: Midge, Nymph, Medium, Large.

Translucent plastic nymph ribbing and body material that has many uses for segmented bodies. Soft and easy to work with. The large size (hook size 1—8) is great for large stoneflies, streamers and saltwater patterns. The medium size (hook size 8—12) for stoneflies and large nymphs. The nymph size (hook size 12—16) is good for small to medium nymphs and the midge size (hook size 16—20) for midges and small nymphs. Hareline switched from spools to plastic packages. We still have many colors in spools.