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Mottled Web Wing

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Danville Thread

$3.00 each


Colors: Brown, Light Dun, Medium Dun, Tan, Hopper Yellow

A mottled colored ethafoam designed to imitate wings. Cut to the shape desired. Thin, nicely textured, and semi-transparent too, D's Flyes Mottled Web Wing from Hareline features a rich splash of dark colored splotches scattered across its sheet to better mimic the naturally variegated color of real insects. Incredibly durable and easy to work with, simply trim or burn Mottled Web Wing to shape using scissors, cutter sets, or burners and presto! You've got perfect upright dry fly wings, tented wings on caddis, dynamite hopper wings, and more! Available in a variety of popular and proven colors, give Mottled Web Wing a try. 2 sheets/pkg. Size 2.5"x4.5"