Fly Fishing the Sierra

Fly Fishing the Sierra

Whiting American Hen Saddles

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Whiting American Hen Saddle Grizzly Dark Olive

$30.00 each

Colors: Grizzly, White, Light Ginger, Medium Ginger, Medium Dun, Dark Dun, Natural Black, Black Laced White, Yellow, Grizzly Yellow

Whiting American Hen Saddles have some of the best qualities on the market. The hackles have a greater density of web than most hen hackles and have the distinctive round tip. The round webby feathers are excellent for collars and throats on wet flies and are especially good for Matukas and Streamers. The upper section of each hackle is totally webbed and can be used for tailing material where you want a solid feather section on wet flies. The middle section is not webbed to the end of the barb. This section is excellent for wet fly throats where you would like each barb to be individually visible. Comes in Natural and dyed colors. See Color Chart