Whiting Hen Capes

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Whiting Hen Capes

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$25.00 each


Colors: Grizzly, White, Natural Black, Brown, Light Ginger, Natural Dun, Medium dyed Dun

Whiting Hen capes have some of the best qualities on the market. Due to the density of fibres, they provide a professional look to any fly. The hackles have a greater density of web than most hen hackles and have the distinctive round tip. Whiting hackles are also long and broad. Especially good on wet flies, you can apply less turns of hackle to produce the same movement giving a more natural profile to your flies. Whiting Hen Capes work well for nymph collars and wings. Most of the hackles are for sizes 12-18 but there will be a range from 8-24. See Color Chart