Yearling Elk Hair

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Yearling Elk Hair

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Yearling Elk Hair
$6.50 each


Colors: Natural, Bleached

Nature's Spirit Premium Yearling Elk Hair
Yearling Elk Hair is preferred on smaller caddis patterns and parachutes. Yearling elk is longer than cow elk and often as long as bull elk. It has a softer texture and thinner diameter which allows the hair to compress without extensive flaring. The tips of the hair taper quickly to a point with good color banding. Since it has good compression, yearling elk will create far less bulk than either bull or cow elk. The hair is easily stacked for even tips and can be the best choice of elk hair for smaller humpies and stimulators. Nature's Spirit selects the hides from Idaho and Montana, looking for the finest quality for fly tying. Comes as a 2"x3" patch in Natural and Bleached.