Sierra Tahoe Region 1

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Sierra Tahoe
 Region 1

Click the map or the link for a detailed map of the area:

1. Mill Creek and Deer Creek

2. Upper North Fork Feather River

3.Lake Almanor

4. Mountain Meadows Reservoir

5. Butte Creek and High Lakes


6. North Fork Feather River and Butt Valley Reservoir

7. Quincy and Indian Valley

Fishing Map Available

Covers the Upper North Fork Feather River, Mill Creek, Deer Creek, Lake Almanor, Mountain Meadows Reservoir, Butte Creek, High Lakes, North Fork Feather River, Butt Valley Reservoir, and Indian Valley. Shows topographic relief, GPS Long./Lat., camping areas, road access, and trailheads. Special Features are Fishing Season and Regulations, Hatch Chart, Fish Identification, and Stream Etiquette guidelines. Printed on Rite-in-the-Rain Paper that will allow you to write those special notes. Waterproof and Durable.

Sierra Tahoe Region 1

Sierra Tahoe Region 1

$12.95 each

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Mill Creek and Deer Creek Upper North Fork Feather Lake Almanor Mountain Meadows Reservoir North Fork Feather Yellow Creek and Butt Valley Reservoir Quincy and Indian Valley Upper Butte Creek and High Lakes