Hogan's S&M Nymph

Hogan's S&M Nymph

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Hogan's S&M Nymph
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Materials: (to Order Material, click the link)      Baetis Nymph
      Baetis Nymph

Hogan BrownThis pattern is designed by flyfishing guide Hogan Brown of Chico, CA . Hogan is a signature fly tier for Rio Products and has designed a number of flies that are marketed throughout Sierran Flyshops. Since Hogan guides on the Yuba and Feather Rivers, many of his patterns have been tested within these waters. The S&M Nymph is a Baetis pattern that has a distinct advantage of quickly sinking into the feeding depths for nymphing. It is weighted by use of a Copper bead head but has additional sinking capabilities through the use of a thread body, streamline shape, and Ultra wire for the distinct segmentation. Hogan uses a Goose Biot for the wingcase which provides a distinct color contrast to the thorax which is typical with natural baetis nymphs having a darker hue on the top of the thorax. Krystal Flash is used for the legs which provides attraction and movement to the fly yet does not detract from it's sinkability. The fly is often used as a dropper within freestone or tailwater situations where you need to get the nymph down quickly. Hogan was greatly influenced by Mike Mercer (CB Micro Mayfly) and you will see that this pattern has many of the attributes of Mercer's Micro Mayfly but handled differently by the materials chosen.


S&M Nymph- Brown
Materials: (to Order Material, click the link)


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