Clouser's Swimming Nymph

Clouser's Swimming Nymph

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Clouser's Swimming Nymph
Rusty Swimming Nymph
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Bob ClouserDesigned by Bob Clouser. Bob guides for smallmouth Bass in Pennsylvannia on the Susquehanna River. He has designed a number of reknown flies, perhaps best known for his Clouser Minnows. The Swimming Nymph series are usually tied in three colors: Rusty Brown, Gold, and Blonde. Many have found that Clouser Swimming Nymph is a great carp fly. Henry Cowen, renowned for innovative and productive fly tying, sealed the deal when he rated the Clouser Swimming Nymph as his “absolute, positively best go-to carp pattern.” Henry likes to fish this fly without added weight; he simply casts it to the pie plate, allows it to slowly sink, and then, if there is no strike on the fall or after a few gentle twitches on the bottom, he casts again. Henry and I both like a rusty brown version of this fly tied in size 10. This pattern is perfect for catching spooky crawlers, carp that are feeding in such skinny water that their backs are exposed. Using Rabbit Fur for the tail gives this fly some extra durability over similar flies utilizing marabou.
Bob operates a fly shop selling materials, flies, and kits on each of his patterns through his website. You can find him at :


Clouser's Swimming Nymph (Carp Edition)
Clouser Swimming Nymph
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