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West Side Sierra Region 1

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West Side Sierra Nevada Region 1

Click the map or the link for a detailed map of the area:

1. Middle Fork Cosumnes River

2. North Fork Mokelumne River

3. Salt Spring and Bear River Reservoir

4. Upper North Fork Mokelumne


5. MF and SF Mokelumne River

6. North Fork Stanislaus River

7. Spicer Meadow/Dardanelles

8. Sonora Pass

9. NF and MF Stanislaus Confluence

10. Beardsley Reservoir

11. Emigrant Wilderness


Fishing Map Available

Covers the NF and Middle Fork Mokelumne, Bear River Reservoir, NF and MF Stanislaus, Spicer Meadow, and northern portion of Emigrant Wilderness. Shows topographic relief, GPS Long./Lat., camping areas, road access, and trailheads. Special Features are Fishing Season and Regulations, Fish Identification, Catch & Release Procedures, and Stream Etiquette guidelines.

Western Sierra Region 1

West Sierra Map Region 1

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Spicer Meadow and Dardanelles Emigrant Wilderness Beardsley Reservoir NF & MF Stanislaus Confluence North Fork Mokelumne MF & SF of Mokelumne North Fork Stanislaus Salt Spring Reservoir Upper NF Mokelumne MF Cosumes Sonora Pass