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Hogan's Yuba Emerger, Tan
Hogan's Yuba Emerger, Tan
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Notes: Hogan Brown is a fly fishing guide in Northern California with a number of fly patterns being marketed nationally. His home waters are the Yuba River where he designed both the Yuba Pupa and the Yuba Emerger. The Yuba Emerger became commercially available in 2015. This is Hogan’s emerger caddis pattern for the Lower Yuba and any tailwater weary trout feeding on emerging or crippled caddis. When fish get wise to the X Caddis or E/C caddis this is where this pattern shines. Grease the wing and let the rest of the fly ride low as an emerger or cripple in the film. He recommends using it as a caddis emerger/cripple/adult during caddis hatches. He recommends applying floatant to the wing and drop a Yuba Pupa or a Last Call Caddis with no floatant about 12" to 18" off the back. The pattern consists of an Antron Shuck and a CDC underwing. The body is the thread with a clear midge tubing wrapped over it to give the segmented appearance. Some tiers will use various synthetics under this thread body to provide additonal attraction below the CDC underwing. I just brought back the Antron shuck and trimmed off at the bend of the hook. Caribou is used as for the thorax. This is a great material to provide some floatation to the upper portion of the hook, it also provides support for the wing to get that distinctive caddis shape. Deer hair is preferred for the wing since it is a harder hair that has less flare and less broken tips.


Yuba Emerger, Olive
Yuba Emerger, Olive

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Yuba Emerger, Amber
Yuba Emerger, Tan

Materials: (to Order Material, click the link)


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