Z-Wing Caddis

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Z-Wing Caddis, Olive
Z Wing Caddis
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Notes: Designed by Mike Mercer of Redding, CA. as a caddis pupa pattern. There are usually three color variations to this pattern: Olive, Caddis Green, and Amber. The fly shows distinct contrast with a darker back and a lighter dubbed body.The back is generally Turkey Tail but Mike has also used Marabou. A collar of Antron, in front of the wings, is used at times to provide the distinction of the emerging caddis. A good mid-day pattern, fish it deep under an indicator with a rising action. The fly has also been used in stillwater conditions using short strips.


Z-Wing Caddis, Green
Z-Wing Caddis, Green
Z-Wing Caddis, Brown
Z-Wing Caddis, Amber
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